My views on the cycling world

I was brought up in the cycling world by my dad, who did a handful of races in the US back in the day, and a very passionate Italian man who goes by the name of Zappi, so I think my view on the cycling world might be slightly unique as a result.. Or maybe not.. Let me know 😉

Cycling to me has always been one of the most natural of things to do. I know there are lots of factors in every part of cycling and in different disciplines but to me it’s a very true test of the body and the mind. Consequently, outside of competition I am not a fan of supplements, fancy gels or bars, energy drink, etc… I believe that keeping the body functioning as it should be, without artificial additions, as much as possible, is the way forward.

As for technology in cycling, it is a difficult one for me. In the position that I am in, and always looking at ways to go faster on the bike, I can’t really shy away from many advances in the technological side of cycling. I’ve heard people say how they believe that some of the restrictions on bike design should be lifted to bring cycling to the cutting edge of technology, down the same road as F1 cars, and although I think that is a good idea in some respects, the heritage in cycling is also something that is so important to everything we do and celebrate, so it is a tricky subject and something that should be done on a case-by-case basis I think. And just for the record, I am against disc brakes, although I haven’t tried riding on them…

Training for cycling is something about which I have heard many people voice their strong opinions. I do a bit of coaching myself having followed the training plans of various coaches over the years and picked up some understanding of the patterns and techniques. In the end, I think as long as you ride naturally, rather than keeping at exactly one intensity all the time, any time on the bike is valuable (within reason). Riding the bike frequently will generally make you able to ride it faster or at least for longer, so do it! As I said earlier, I believe in the natural side of cycling, so if someone is not looking to push their performance to the limits, then I believe the riding should be done mostly based on feel and (most importantly) enjoyment. I’ve noticed that quite a few people forget that riding the bike is about having fun